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Syria: 3RP Regional Quarterly Dashboard - September 2017: Livelihoods & Social Cohesion


Since the start of 2017, Livelihoods partners assisted 19,136 refugees and host community members with short-term and/or long-term employment opportunities and 74,803 youth and adults in increasing their employability through job training, internships, job placement and language courses. In addition, 44,990 host community members and refugees have participated in community based activities to promote social cohesion. Highlights across the region in September include:

In Erbil, Syrian refugees and members of the host community successfully completed three-months training courses in one of the following categories: English, Cooking or Mechanics, to improve/acquire new skills, to help them to obtain employment. In Northern Bekka, Lebanon, four harvesters were delivered to farmers in the area to increase productivity (especially wheat and green wheat). The harvesters will offer services to the members of the cooperatives and the farmers at minimal fee, which will increase the income of the members and reduce cost of production. In Jordan, graduation ceremony of the “Skills Exchange Between Jordanians and Syrian Refugees” was held on September 28. The programme was implemented in Greater Mafraq Municipality, Bala’maa, and Za’atari in the governorate of Mafraq. Participants (Jordanians) were taught by the Syrian refugees in food preparation and processing, embroidery and horticulture.