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Syria: 3RP Regional Quarterly Dashboard - September 2017: Health and Nutrition


By the end of September, approximately 2.14 million primary health care consultations were provided, and over 133,000 referrals were made to secondary or tertiary health care, representing 56 per cent and 58 per cent of the respective 2017 targets. The number of health facilities supported across the region stands now at 235, also 3,586 health care staff has been trained and over 677,000 children have been immunized. Some highlights of the Health and Nutrition Sector across the region in September include:

3RP partners in Egypt have provided 8,628 curative and preventive primary healthcare consultations to Syrian refugees. Among these, 3,306 patients were followed up and received monthly treatment for non-communicable diseases. Beyond the primary healthcare level, other 949 referrals were made to secondary, tertiary and emergency care were provided to those in need among them 57 referrals were life-saving emergencies. In Iraq, 19,676 primary healthcare consultations were conducted in the nine camps. 972 patients were referred from the camps to secondary and tertiary health facilities. Routine vaccinations and growth monitoring services are accessible in all 9 camps in Iraq.