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Syria: 3RP Regional Quarterly Dashboard - September 2017: Education

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As at the end of September, some 930,000 Syrian children across the region are enrolled in formal education in schools located in camps and host communities. Additionally, over 81,500 Syrian children are enrolled in non-formal education. Some highlights of the Education Sector across the region in September include:

The new 2017-2018 school year has started. In Jordan, Syrian children have access to 45 camp schools located in 17 school complexes. To allow children immediate access to school and as an interim measure, the number of double-shifted schools was increased from 197 to 206. More catch-up and drop-out centres are also being established. Since August 2017, the Learning for All campaign reached 100,000 school-aged children including 15,000 out-of-school children. In Lebanon, prior to the official opening of public schools for the new academic year, 3RP partners distributed school supplies to 450,000 Lebanese and Syrian refugee children in support of their enrolment in 1,282 Lebanese public schools. In Turkey, as of end September over 588,500 Syrian refugee children were enrolled in temporary education centres and Turkish public schools across the country, a 23 per cent increase compared to 2016. Nevertheless, an estimated 390,000 children remain out of school and efforts continue to increase enrolment and provide access to quality and inclusive educational opportunities.