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Syria: 3RP Regional Quarterly Dashboard - September 2017: Basic Needs


The continued strategic priority for the Basic Needs Sector is to provide assistance to meet the ongoing basic needs of Syrian refugees, based on a multi-sectoral household profiling and identification methodology, specific to each country. As of September, 242,149 households have received core relief items in-kind, which is 108 per cent of the targeted population. Approximately 1.9 million people benefited from cash assistance to families and over 203,600 households received seasonal support through cash or in-kind assistance. Some highlights of the Basic Needs Sector across the region in September include:

The Basic Needs Working Group in Jordan provided around USD 6,676,732 worth of regular cash and non-food items to vulnerable beneficiaries from the refugee and host community. In Turkey, some 1.24 million individuals have benefited from cash-based interventions and 328,838 individuals received core relief items since the beginning of the year.