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Supporting Syria and the region: Post-Brussels conference financial tracking - Report Ten (September 2020)


Supporting Syria and the region: Post-Brussels conference financial tracking September 2020 On 30 June 2020, representatives of 84 delegations - 57 States, 10 regional organisations and International Financial Institutions (IFI) as well as 17 United Nations (UN) agencies – came together to renew political, humanitarian and financial commitments for supporting the future of Syria and the region at the Brussels IV conference.

Hosted by the European Union (EU) and cochaired by the UN, the eighth pledging conference announced a total funding pledge of US$5.5 billion (€4.9 billion) for 2020 and multi-year pledges of close to US$2.2 billion (€2 billion) for 2021 and beyond, In addition, IFIs and donors also announced US$6.1 billion (€5.5 billion) in loans1 for 2020 and beyond.

This is the tenth financial tracking report in a series that tracks financial contributions against pledges made in response to the Syrian crisis. This report was commissioned by the European Commission and it presents the contributions of donors against their pledges made at the Brussels IV conference, as of 31 August 20202. It summarises the progress of contributions to respond in Syria and in the neighbouring refugee-hosting countries – Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, and Egypt.

It also provides a breakdown of grant pledges and contributions and loan pledges to Syria and the region. Information was gathered directly from all participating donors and multi-lateral development banks and supplemented by Brussels conference documentation and triangulated with data from the Office for the Coordination Affairs (OCHA)
Financial Tracking Service (FTS). A glossary of the terms used throughout is given at the end of the report, as are details of the data sources and methodology employed.

Throughout the report, the term “contribution” refers to the sum of all assistance reported at each mutually exclusive stage of the funding process – committed, contracted and disbursed (see Annex A: Glossary).