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Stuck in Time - Syria: 10 Years of a Population Suspended in Crisis

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The dire and frankly unsurprising reality of the ongoing Syrian crisis is that after ten years, much devastation, loss of life and immeasur­able amounts of suffering has worn the lives of Syrians both within the country and abroad, and yet no real improvement is foreseeable in the near future.

The catastrophic combination of an ongo­ing conflict, a health crisis accelerating at an alarming rate, and the near total collapse of the Syrian economy, situates the current state of the crisis in one of its worst stretches since it began ten years ago. The failure of the in­ternational community to seek a resolution to the conflict on behalf of the Syrian population forces an abandonment of current status quo practices and a rethink of how the preservation of the rights of Syrians can be achieved, de­spite a deterioration of circumstances.

The tenth anniversary is an opportunity to take stock of the realities of the crisis in both Syria and Lebanon, where WeWorld is currently intervening with various pro­jects targeting protection, WASH, Shelter, education and livelihood needs. WeWorld considers that the reality of the ongoing Syrian crisis after ten years must be fiercely met with a change in pace of current political and aid actions. In this brief, we ask all actors involved in the Syria crisis to push for a series of programmatic and policy changes to prevent another decade of crisis in Syria from occurring.