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Southern Turkey - Syria Factsheet, May 2016

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▪ The Shelter/NFI sector through the Whole of Syria secretariat analyzed the NFI distributions activities conducted by the four Whole of Syria hubs (Damascus, Turkey, Jordan and Iraq) during the first quarter of 2016. During this period 687 communities have been reached by all hubs and eleven of these communities have been reached by more than one hub. The correspondent potential overlap rate is 1,6%. While the sector is looking for minimizing the overlap rate it is also monitoring areas that have never been reached.

▪ The continuous shifting of front-lines is not allowing safe access to humanitarian assistance deliveries. Between April and May the Shelter/NFI Cluster has assisted to a 62% decrease in the monthly reach mainly in reason of access related issues.
Consequently the reach of the HTR and besieged communities/towns (OCHA list) has decreased of the 17% too.

▪ An ad hoc meeting on Aleppo city has been chaired in order to understand the view of partners active in the eastern part of the city on the potential enclavement. The capacity of the cluster has been assessed on the basis of the possible scenarios. A plan has been finalized and shared with the main stakeholders.