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Southern Turkey - Syria Factsheet, April 2016

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▪ The humanitarian space is shrinking. 102 on 267 sub-districts listed as in need in the HNO 2016 have never been reached by the Shelter/NFI sector. The 38% of the total sub-districts in need of Shelter and NFIs have never been reached since September 2015.
▪ $ 2 million have been allocated from the Humanitarian Fund ( 2016 first standard allocation) to the Shelter /NFI Cluster. Four projects will support approximately 50,272 individuals (residents, IDPs and host families) through shelter rehabilitation works and 8,769 individuals with fuel distribution (in kind and through voucher modality) during the next winter season.
▪ The NFI/Shelter sector coordination teams from Amman, Damascus, and Gaziantep has met in order to discuss and review a number of technical matters affecting the sector across the hubs. The objectives of the meeting were:

  1. Take stock of fundamental technical areas requiring a shared understanding across the hubs.

  2. Where appropriate and feasible, harmonize on technical issues. Where not appropriate or feasible, ensure an understanding on these differences.

  3. Agree on areas for improved information-sharing and technical cross-hub engagement (e.g. gaps identification, communications, IA convoys, etc.).

  4. Improve understanding of practices and activities across hubs and WOS.

▪ The Shelter/NFI Cluster held an ad hoc meeting with the most relevant Shelter/NFI Cluster partners. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss with the WOS Senior Protection Coordinator the Cross Border response from Turkey with particular focus on: 1. The NFI and Shelter needs in the Northern Governorates 2. The NFI Response and in particular the kits distributions versus the single items distributions, 3. X-Border and X-Line Sectorial approach.