Situation Update: Displacement from Eastern Ghouta - 3 April 2018

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Turkish Red Crescent helps displaced from Eastern Ghouta

After suffering years of besiege, displacement is the only option given for those in Eastern Ghouta. Thousands of people had to leave their home to find safety. Since early March 2018, it is estimated that more than 90,000 people from Eastern Ghouta displaced, out of which 50,000 individuals are displaced to northwards and mostly to Idleb. Ma’arat An Nu’man, Maaret Elekhwan, Atarib, Mezaznaz and Ariha Districts of Idleb to be home for the vast majority of displaced despite the already stretched capacities.

Turkish Red Crescent (TRC) and cross-border humanitarian partners work hand in hand and put extra-ordinary efforts to provide life-saving support to the arrivals. TRC continues to establish much needed new camp settlements in Dana, Idleb and Elbil, Azazfor ongoing displacements, to provide shelter for 25,000 people. In these settlements, 2,000 recent arrivals from Eastern Ghouta have already been accommodated today.

On 3 April, a group of 1,250 individuals displaced from Duma of Eastern Ghouta arrived to Al-Bab, where they have been received at reception centers and provided ready-to-eat food kits by the TRC. It is expected that the displacements from Eastern Ghouta will continue over the next days and weeks. TRC engages with relevant authorities to provide protection for civilians and obtain unhindered humanitarian access for response and remains prepared to support the urgent needs of the arrivals in partnership with the humanitarian community.