Shelter /NFI Cluster Backbone North West Syria


Current Situation

After eleven years of conflict, 4.4 million people in North West Syria live in siege-like conditions where there are acute shelter needs:

  • 2.2 million people need shelter assistance • 800,000 people live in tents (90% of which are more than 1 year old).

  • 1.7 million people live in 1,400 unplanned, self-settled IDP sites which lack access to services.

  • 86% of sites are critically overcrowded.

  • 58% of people living in IDP sites are children • 40 % of people living in NW Syria have a disability (53% of in-camp households have 1 member with a disability).

  • 548,000 people accessed GBV services in 2021.

Poor quality basic shelter conditions, high rates of gender-based violence, and the impact of poor living conditions on children, the impact of climate change and natural disasters that make traditional approaches to shelter less effective.

Climate change means that recent winters have been extremely cold and wet with heavy snows, widespread flooding and sub-zero temperatures. Around 50% of current cluster expenditure is therefore focussed on short term seasonal support to help people living in inadequate shelter to survive winter.