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ROMENA: Regional Humanitarian Funding Update (30 April 2014) [EN/AR]

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1 Strategic Response Plans in the MENA region received US$ 776 million, the largest recipient was Syria, with US$ 434 million, followed by Afghanistan with US$ 152 million. In total, the appeals and SRPs are 20.5% funded with a 79.5% shortfall.

2 The Syrian Humanitarian Response Plan (SHARP) and the Regional Response Plan for Syrian Refugees (RRP) jointly requested US$ 6.5 billion. The total amount received is US$ 1.5 billion (23%), which leaves a total shortfall of US$ 5.03 billion (77%).

3 Eleven countries from the MENA region made pledges and contributed funds in 2014 for humanitarian appeals worldwide.The amount totalled US$834.4 million with contributed funds going to 16 countries. The largest donors were Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar, with contributions of over US$ 442.4 million combined. The largest recipients were Syria and neighbouring countries.

4 The Central Emergency Fund (CERF) distributed funds to Iraq, Yemen and Pakistan in the MENA region in 2014. The largest recipient was Yemen with US$14 million followed by Pakistan with US$9.5 million. Eight countries from the MENA region made contributions or pledges to CERF in 2014. These are Qatar, Kuwait, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan, Algeria and Afghanistan.

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