Resettlement of refugees: promoting greater solidarity

from Council of Europe
Published on 21 Mar 2014 View Original

Committee on Migration, Refugees and Displaced Persons
Rapporteur: Mr Eric VORUZ, Switzerland, Socialist Group


It is estimated that there are 691 000 refugees in need of resettlement in 2014, with only 80 000 resettlement places available. Europe only resettled 5 500 people in 2013, involving 20 member States. These figures do not reflect the increasing need to resettle Syrian refugees.

Although efforts have been made by receiving States, it is clear that Europe is lagging behind and should do a great deal more. It is therefore time, as a matter of urgency, to increase and more efficiently process resettlement, relocation and humanitarian admission programmes in Europe.

Member States are urged to co-ordinate their work and create a dialogue with international and national partners to find sustainable solutions, and to pay attention to the successful integration of resettled refugees.

The Committee of Ministers is invited to ensure that both European Union and non-European Union member States can work together on this issue of resettlement