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Regional Situation Report for Syria Crisis Issue No. 20

Situation Report
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SYRIAN ARAB REPUBLIC: UNFPA provides reproductive health services to 16,500 women, supports 600 women to deliver safely through reproductive health vouchers, and raises the awareness of 9,500 internal displaced persons on reproductive health issues. UNFPA delivers psychosocial and psychological first aid services to around 2,500 women, including 320 GBV survivors

LEBANON: UNFPA conducts 25 awareness sessions on repoductive health for 1,320 refugee women, 81 training sessions on GBV for 700 refugee women in North, South, Mount Lebanon, and Bekaa and organizes GBV-related social counseling, psychotherapy, legal consultation and awareness sessions to 410 refugee women.

JORDAN: UNFPA establishes three women centres and reproductive health clinics in Azraq camp and expands one clinic in Zaatari camp. UNFPA provides 8,577 women and girls with reproductive health services and sensitizes 11,798 refugees on GBV-related issues.

IRAQ: UNFPA establishes an athletic field for youth programmes in Domiz camp in Dohuk and establishes three youth spaces in Basirma, Darashakran and Kawargosek camps in Erbil.

TURKEY: UNFPA completes a GBV pilot programme in Nizip camp and develops a guide on “GBV focused psychosocial first aid intervention with Syrians in Turkey”. UNFPA distributes 535,000 brochures on “the protection of family in Turkey” in Arabic and 527,500 in Turkish to all Syrian refugees inside the camps and in host communities and starts to establish reproductive health counseling units for Syrian women in urban areas.

EGYPT: UNFPA trains 160 doctors and nurses working in primary health care units in Sharkia where many of the Syrian refugees in Cairo reside.