Recent Developments in Northwest Syria and RAATA - Situation Report No. 33 - November 2021

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Latest developments

  1. Daily artillery shelling continued. There was a reduction in the frequency of airstrikes compared to October. Some incidents occured in the vicinity of civilian areas and displacement settlements.
  2. The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) reported that airstrikes and shelling killed 12 civilians, including four civilian women and four children, and injured 31 civilians, including one civilian woman and 12 children. Improvised exlosive devices and unexploded ordnance injured at least six civilians, including one child.
  3. Notable security incidents include airstrikes on 11 November affecting displacement camps in Bruma in northern Idleb and shelling on 19 November on a residential area in Afrin city. Humanitarian premises are located in Afrin and an NGO office was damaged.
  4. The Humanitarian Needs Assessment Programme (HNAP) recorded 14,455 new displacements of people, of which 59 per cent have been displaced at least four times. The top reasons cited were access to livelihood opportunities, the availability of humanitarian assistance, the severe economic downturm and the deterioration of security.
  5. Strong winds on 1 December affected at least 93 displacement sites across Idleb and northern Aleppo. Close to 1,500 tents were damaged, generating extensive needs for replacement tents, food parcels and non-food items (NFIs). Humanitarian partners are responding to the needs on the ground, distributing relief items.
  6. 880 trucks of UN cross-border assistance were transshipped in November.
  7. The Al-Dwisat Dam in west Idleb dried out for the first time in three decades. The water from Al-Dwisat was used to irrigate around 250 hectares of surrounding cultivation land, supporting up to 1,200 households of farmers, livestock breeders and fishers
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