Rapid Needs Assessment – Shiah and Nakhleh Farms, Dara’a - 14 February 2017

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Location Assessed

Shiah and Nakhleh Farms, Dara’a sub district, Dara’a Governorate


  • 4 interviews with key informants, 2 representing the local councils and 2 representing IDP representatives.

  • 24 household assessments, selected via snowballing methodology following key informant interviews in both camps.

Key Findings (bullet points)

  • Recent Airstrikes in Dara’a Al-Balad caused IDP movement from Dara’a City and Dara’a al Balad to towns and farms such as Saida, Sahwa, Tiba, Nasib, Karak, Kahil, Jizeh, Hit, Shiah Farms and Nakhleh Farms.

  • Surrounded Farms of Dara’a Al-Balad have been reported, with local councils estimating 825 new IDP families in the past two days.

  • More than 540 households were displaced to Shiah and Nakhleh farms during the two days prior to the assessment, reported by CARE’s field consultants.

  • Enumerators mentioned that hygiene NFIs and shelter items to seal off damaged buildings are in greatest demand. IDPs identified their needs as follows:

    • Shelter (22 respondents, 79%)
    • Safety and Security (3 respondents, 11%)
    • Food (1 respondent, 4%)


In the past 72 hours, intense conflict has been reported in the Dara’a al Balad area, especially in Manshiya neighborhood, of Dara’a City. Airstrikes, barrel bombs, and missiles have forced civilians to flee the city, largely to areas in the eastern part of Daraa’a governorate. While over a week ago, temporary displacement was reported, with people leaving the city during the day and returning at night, an increase in insecurity, even into the evening hours, has resulted in longer displacement. As many IDPs have fled to towns and rural areas outside of Dara’a city, humanitarian needs are high, with many IDPs fleeing their homes with little.