Rapid Needs Assessment – Nawa, Dara'a - 26 February 2017

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Location Assessed

Nawa subdistrict, Dara’a Governorate


  • 2 interviews with key informants representing members from Nawa Local Council and 1 interview with an IDP representative.

  • 27 household assessments, selected via snowballing methodology following key informant interviews

Key Findings (bullet points)

  • Sheikh Saed is 5 KMs from Edwan which was controlled by Jaish Khaled bin Waled, on the 19th of February.

  • Recent IDP movement from Sheikh Saed to towns such as Nawa have been reported, with local councils estimating 500 new IDP families in the past three days.

  • More than 100 households were displaced to Nawa town during the three days prior to the assessment, reported by CARE’s field consultants.

  • According to enumerators, the majority of the families did not register with the local council of Nawa. Data enumerators mentioned that IDP families mentioned they will return to Sheikh Saed when the security situation allows.

  • Priority needs:

    • Shelter (9 respondents, 32%)
    • Income (7 respondents, 25%)
    • Safety and security (7 respondents, 25%)


On the morning of the 20th of February, Al Yarmouk Basin’s surroundings have witnessed significant progress for Jaish Khalid bin Waleed as it managed to control the following areas: Tassil, Sahem Al Golan and Edwan.

Sheikh Saed is 5 KMs from Edwan, clashes could be heard in Sheikh Saed from Edwan which lead to huge fear between Sheikh Saed residents. Date enumerators reported that due to the recent security situation, more than 500 families have left Sheikh Saed toward the nearest villages and towns during the night, returning to Sheikh Saed at day. Furthermore, data enumerators reported that more than 100 families displaced toward Nawa during the last three days.

CARE data enumerators conducted a full day assessment on the 23rd of February 2017 in Nawa town, targeting IDPs displaced over the last week, in order to identify the needs among IDPs in Nawa. 25 of IDP respondents (89%) had been displaced during the last two days, with 1 IDP respondent (4%) displaced during the last week.

All IDP respondents were displaced from Sheikh Saed, and 16 respondents (57%) reported that they displaced more than 2 times.