QC launches Qatar model villages for displaced Syrians

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Qatar Charity has launched a project to create model villages for displaced Syrians inside Syria.

The project is the first of its kind and will benefit 100 Syrian families at a total cost of over QAR 1.5 million.

The first village is expected to be built in northern Syria in the next three months and will include the distribution of 600 mattress, 600 blankets and 600 pillows, 6 of each type for every home, three community tents; one to be used for first aid, one as a school and the third as a mosque, and bathrooms for men and women.

“This project comes as part of Qatar Charity’s work for Syrians displaced within the country, by providing them with shelter and other essential services that preserve their human dignity,” said QC’s Executive Director for International Development, Mohammed bin Ali Al-Ghamdi.

“The project aims to improve the basic living conditions of the displaced and alleviate their suffering,” he added.

Al-Ghamdi explained that QC is now concentrating its efforts on Syrians inside the country; establishing projects covering shelter, health and food, and revealed that over 70% of the total aid to Syrian people had gone to Syrians displaced within Syria.

He urged the citizens and residents of Qatar to support QC in their plans to implement more such villages and double their relief for Syrians at home, revealing that the number of displaced Syrians has now reached over 4 million and praying that their donations would be rewarded in their balance of good deeds by Allah the Almighty.

QC has implemented shelter, food and medicine projects for the benefit of the Syrian people at a cost of over QAR 70 million since the beginning of the events and continues to accept donations at its headquarters and branches within the state, via collectors in commercial complexes, by email, by texting the word ‘Syria’ to the number 92632 to donate QAR 50 or to 92642 to donate QAR 100, or to the following bank accounts:

Al-Masraf: 100024470 or Al-Rayan: 0003104824100