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Qatar Charity’s relief reached out to 4 million Syrians in 2018

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Around 4 million Syrian displaced and refugees have benefited from the relief projects implemented by Qatar Charity (QC) in Syria and other neighboring countries during the past year 2018. These projects were carried out at a total cost of more than QR85mn in the fields of shelter, food, health, education, water and others.

More than 3.4 people inside Syria have benefited from the aid provided at a cost of about QR65mn, while over half a million beneficiaries living in the countries of asylum such as Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan, availed themselves of the assistance worth QR20mn.

Some 76 percent of the assistance was provided inside Syria, given the dire needs of the displaced, their difficult living conditions, and the magnitude of the challenges that face they there, while some 24 percent of the aid was distributed in the countries of asylum.

Food and education projects have occupied a big part of QC’s assistance, due to the scale of suffering and damages caused by the Syrian crisis.

The food aid amounted to more than QR24mn, benefiting over 2 million people, while the education projects were implemented at a cost of around QR29mn, benefiting 18,000 people.

Food aid included providing food baskets and ready-to-eat meals, operating bakeries and kitchens. However, education projects included training teachers, running schools and providing curricula.

The health projects included the construction and operation of health units and hospitals and the provision of medical devices and medicines, which benefited more than one million people.

The shelter projects, which benefited about one million displaced persons, contributed to the payment of rents for displaced persons' homes, the distribution of cooking utensils, and the establishment of residential villages in Jarabulus in addition to other projects.

As the cold waves got tougher, basic winter requirements have been provided, which included food baskets, winter clothes, blankets, heaters, fuel, tents, caravans, and others. This aid amounted to over QR3mn, benefiting 84,000 people.

Also, Qatar Charity has implemented water and sanitation projects for the families of the displaced and refugees in order to provide them with safe and clean water and better sanitation and hygiene facilities, benefiting more than 89,000 people.

Qatar Charity also carried out other projects for training and capacity building of Syrian displaced persons and refugees in and outside the country.