Qatar Charity Distributes Emergency Relief to the Besieged Yarmouk Camp

News and Press Release
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Qatar Charity has managed to send a relief convoy into the besieged Yarmouk Camp, easing the suffering of the resident Palestinian families. At a cost of more than QAR 620,000 (USD 170,000), 3230 food parcels containing basic food items such as sugar, rice, oil, lentils, pasta, barley, tea, dates and cheese were provided.

Qatar Charity has also provided emergency relief to Syrians in the Damascus countryside, in light of the worsening humanitarian condition there due to the blockade which has led to the lack of basic needs. The relief included food and medicine for the benefit of 20,000 beneficiaries, at a total cost of approximately QAR 1.3. million (USD 340,000).

Qatar Charity's relief projects for displaced and refugee Syrians have benefited 4.2 million people, at a total cost of QAR 205 million (USD 56.3 million) over the period of April 2011 to January 2015.