Qatar Charity Contributes 104 Trucks of Relief Items to the Largest Humanitarian Convoy to Reach Syria

Qatar Charity's support for a relief convoy comprised 104 trucks being sent from Turkey to Syria during the period of 12 to 15 April 2014. Qatar Charity's contribution of essential food and non-food items worth more than 2.75 million US dollars was the largest to the relief convoy which was noted for being the largest ever aid convoy for Syria. The convoy was implemented in cooperation and partnership with Turkish Humanitarian Relief organization ‘IHH'.

The 300-truck strong convoy carried aid provided by 28 humanitarian organizations from 15 different countries and entered Syria via the crossings of Bab El-Salamah, Bab El-Hawa and Yalda, from where they distributed aid to the most affected people.

Through this convoy, Qatar Charity's aims to help over 264,000 Syrians over a period of three months with items including food such as rice, lentils, flour, oil, milk, biscuits and other staple items, as well as items specifically for children.

Prior to this, Qatar Charity had already expended more than 30 million US Dollars raised locally in Qatar for Syrian relief since the outbreak of the conflict and aided over one million Syrian people inside Syria and in neighboring countries, in the following sectors:

• Food (free bread distribution, processing, construction and operation of bakeries) for the benefit of 535,000

• Shelter and essential equipment (the establishment of villages for the displaced, provision of shelter, blankets, refrigerators, fans, heaters, toiletries, clothing and rental houses) for the benefit of 174,000

• Health (treating the sick and wounded, provision of medical equipment and supplies and ambulances) for the benefit of 250,000 people

• Educational (book printing, establishment of schools, equipment) for the benefit of 58,000

15 April 2014