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The PRCS condemns the targeting of its Hospital in Al Yarmouk Camp in Syria

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(Al-Bireh- 2/4/2015): The PRCS condemns the targeting of Palestine hospital in Al Yarmouk camp in Syria. The shelling of the PRCS hospital caused injuries to five PRCS volunteers, and severe damages in the hospital.

The PRCS also condemns the targeting of the its medical teams during the ongoing crisis in Al Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp in Syria. Sadly, the director of the training center in Palestine hospital, Yahiya Hourani, was targeted while carrying his humanitarian mission last Monday.

The PRCS demands the conflicting parties to protect the civilians and the medical personnel, and to take practical measures to put an end to the targeting of the medical facilities, units and relief teams in Al Yarmouk Camp.

The PRCS calls upon these parties to compel the respect and protection of the medical mission and emblems, and to facilitate their safe access to victims without threat to their lives.

Since the beginning of the crisis in Syria, the PRCS lost seven of its staff and tens of the staff were injured, in addition to severe damages to its facilities and ambulances.

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