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Post distribution monitoring for Winter Cash Assistance for Syrian Refugees (2020-2021), February 2021

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II. Introduction

This report presents the Post Distribution Monitoring (PDM) results for the winter cash assistance programs targeting Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

During the 2020-2021 winter season, UNHCR assisted close to 200,000 Syrian refugee families. UNHCR aimed at supporting vulnerable families who are faced with increased stress due to extreme weather conditions, coupled with already limited resources. In the winter season of 2020/2021, families in Lebanon not only faced challenges of the winter season but also additional challenges due to the deteriorating national economy and COVID19 pandemic.
Additionally, strains on the economy and the banking sector made the use of ATMs in the country more restricted.
Inflation and increased prices made it more difficult for families to meet their most basic needs.

UNHCR provided assistance to refugees through an unconditional, unrestricted cash transfer as part of the winter cash assistance program (WinCAP). Previously conducted research has shown that refugee families in Lebanon have increased expenditure during the winter months linked to additional needs. This is coupled with a decrease in the availability of income generating activities, which are usually more accessible in warmer months.

Starting November 2020, and through the season, UNHCR provided a one-off cash payment of LBP 954,000 to refugee families in an effort to help them meet the additional basic needs brought about by the winter season.

The cash transfer was redeemable through an ATM card from ATMs and/or through direct payment in shops equipped with POS across the country in the local currency.