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Oxfam Syria Response #12, 04 February 2013

Situation Report
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1. Syria Programme Manager’s Analysis

The visit of Oxfam GB Deputy Humanitarian Director in the region coincided with the $1.5 billion funds bid in Kuwait bringing hope and enabling organisations such as Oxfam to get the financial resources desperately needed to support a growing programme.

The funding situation is still dire. UN agencies are possibly interested in a partnership in WASH for new transit camps in Lebanon and in the extension in Za’atari camp of Jordan. Again this week the influx of refugees required amounts of creativity and adaptation for teams to respond in a timely matter. Distributions by Oxfam GB partners have finally started in Lebanon reaching 600 people, while Oxfam’s light version of the emergency response is reaching 9,500 people in Za’atari where UNHCR plans to boost the area to hold 12,500 extra people. UNICEF estimates the camp population at 75,000 people. The alleged attack on the Syria and Lebanon border by Israel and the tensions in Northern Lebanon between pro and anti Assad groups both demonstrate the fragility of the country’s political situation. However the discussion between EU /US and the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Syrian opposition chief Moaz al-Khatib seems to open the path for possible transition in Syria.