OCHA Flash Update No. 1: Syria Crisis – Hama, 6 September 2016



  • Fighting in Hama governorate displaced an estimated 20,000 families (100,000 people) from northern rural Hama towards neighbouring villages and Hama City between 28 August and 5 September.

  • To date, 11,500 families have been registered by SARC, registration efforts are still ongoing.

  • The Camp Coordination and Camp Management Cluster (CCCM) reported the arrival of 8,685 IDP families to Idleb governorate.

  • Twelve schools in rural areas and four mosques in Hama city have been converted into temporary shelters.

  • The United Nations sent an inter-agency convoy with life-saving supplies to Hama, and conducted a field visit to evaluate the prevailing humanitarian situation.

Situation Overview

As of 6 September, some 57,500 people (11,500 families) from Tiba Elemam, Suran, Halfaya, Maar Dis towns in Hama governorate were registered as having fled from fighting in northern rural Hama and the north-western countryside of Hama towards Hama city and neighbouring villages. According to Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) in Hama, around 6,900 families were displaced to Hama city, and 4,600 others to the nearby villages of Kafraa, Shihet Hamah, Majdal, Ma'ar Shahror, Kamhani, KafrEmim, Ma'rin, Kason Aljabl, and Teizine. Actual displacement numbers, including those not yet registered, are estimated at 20,000 families (100,000 people) by SARC and the Governor of Hama.

Mass displacement began gradually on 28 August, when some 1,700 families were displaced from Helfaya town to Hama city and nearby villages. Helfaya town is located about 25 kilometers from Hama city, and was originally home to some 4,500 families. At the time of writing, 2,800 families remain trapped inside Helfaya town after they were unable to leave Helfaya due to heavy clashes between government forces and non-state armed groups.

On 30 August, due to further clashes, some 4,500 families out of an original 9,500 families were displaced from Tiba Elemam to Hama city and Kafraa, Shihet Hamah, Majdal, Ma'ar Shahror, Kamhani, KafrEmim, Ma'rin, Kason Aljabl, and Teizine villages. On 31 August, an additional 5,000 families were displaced from Suran town towards Hama city and the previously mentioned villages. Some 5,000 families remain in Suran town, located about 15 kilometers from Hama city. On 1 September, additional displacement occurred from Maar Dis town in northern rural Hama but exact displacement numbers are yet to be verified.

Furthermore, the Gaziantep-based Camp Coordination and Camp Management Cluster reported that 8,685 families have arrived in Idleb governorate since the 29 August. The majority of the aforementioned families arrived in Ma’aarat An Nu’man (3,128 families), Kafr Nobol (1,719 families), Heish (1,272 families), Khan Shaykun (962 families) and Ehsem sub-districts (1,164 families). Moreover, around 440 families were displaced to the Madiq Castle town, northwest of Hama governorate.

There has also been a minor displacement movement of 320 families from Muhradah city towards Mashta Alhelou in Tartous governorate (180 families) and some villages of Mesiaf district (150 families). Some internal displacement movements were also reported inside Mahardah city.


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