NRC's reaction to the recent development at the UN security council on Syria

News and Press Release
Originally published

"Today's veto of the Security Council resolution puts politics over principle, and the lives of millions of Syrians in danger. More than four million people depend on cross-border humanitarian aid in Syria, including food, healthcare and shelter. Many of them already live in abysmal conditions in informal displacement camps or out in the open, and the UN cross-border system was critical in alleviating their suffering. The veto also undermines the delivery of humanitarian aid across front lines, leaving even more civilians abandoned, including those recently displaced by the Turkish military operation in the north east. Cutting this assistance to people who have nothing left after years of war, sieges and all sorts of attacks on them is senseless and cruel. The Security Council must return to the table and agree on a way to keep the delivery of aid in the most direct way possible."

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