Northwest Syria Wheat Market System Rapid Assessment, November 2021


iMMAP Releases a Rapid Assessment of Northwest Syria’s Wheat Market System

Funded by USAID, and in partnership with the Syria Cross-Border Humanitarian Liaison Group Northwest Syria (NWS) Food Security and Livelihoods Cluster, iMMAP published the Wheat Market System Rapid Assessment for NWS.

Held in November 2021, the study’s objectives were eight-fold, including: gaining a more complete understanding of the challenges and opportunities, identifying potential interventions, and recording price trends of different inputs critical to wheat production. By conducting similar assessments, stakeholders can gain timely insight on the current state of critical market systems and find opportunities to implement effective interventions to improve the production of the staple wheat crop in NWS.

Two hundred and sixty-four study respondents based in ten districts across NWS were interviewed for this study. The study respondents comprised traders and farmers.

Through this study, several key findings were uncovered. Below are some of the most notable:

  • Despite increasing prices, chemical inputs for wheat production remain heavily used by farmers.
  • Most farmers reported a lack of affordable agricultural inputs as the biggest challenge they face.
  • Wheat production input prices were provided in US dollars, according to the majority of interviewed study respondents (87%).
  • 82% of farmers reported agricultural traders as their leading consumer.