North-West Syria – Shelter & NFI Emergency Overview (January 2021)

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Displacement Updates in North-West Syria

Some 2.7 million IDPs are living in north-west Syria, bringing the total population to over 4.3 million. 20,653 IDPs were displaced in January, the majority of whom have been displaced three or more times (77%). The top three sub-district of arrival were Maaret Tamsrin, Bulbul, and A’zaz. The new IDPs mainly cited livelihoods as their top priority need.
Only 36% of the IDPs displaced in January are reportedly living in adequate housing, which is less than in the previous months, indicating higher levels of vulnerabili- ty and harsher living conditions. Around 46% are living in emergency shelter, predomi- nantly tents, while 4% are living in sub-standard buildings, all of which are unfinished buildings. Another 14% have resorted to transitional shelters, mainly Refugee Housing Units (RHUs).