North-West Syria Population Overview: November 2018

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Main Findings

• As of 30 November 2018, an estimated 5,189,000 individuals (916,910 households) were reported to be residing in 1,056 assessed locations in Idleb, Aleppo and Hama governorates, of which 1,777,000 were IDPs and 3,412,000 were residents.

• IDPs were found to be residing in 96% (1005) of assessed populated locations across Aleppo, Hama and Idleb governorates, as of 30 November.

• IDP numbers were highest in sub-districts in northern Idleb governorate and in northern Aleppo governorate, with Dana (234,000), A’zaz (168,000), Atareb (133,000), Al Bab (96,000) and Salqin (87,000) sub-districts reported to have the highest IDP numbers.

• On average, IDPs represented 34% of the total population in assessed communities. With 69%, A’zaz sub-district in northern Aleppo governorate had the largest percentage of IDPs among the total population.

• On average, the number of IDPs has been consistently high across continuously assessed locations from 31 January to 30 November 2018. While a slight increase (5%) in IDP populations in assessed locations was reported between the 31 July and 30 November, no major increase in overall IDP populations within the continuously assessed area was reported from 31 January to 31 March 2018.