North-west Syria: Cross-border Humanitarian Response Fact Sheet (September 2019)

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Through its partners, in 2019, UNHCR has assisted 37,540 households (193,240 individuals) with core relief items and shelter material.

UNHCR has sent 198 trucks across the border in 2019, carrying humanitarian supplies like blankets, hygiene kits, mattresses and tents.

In 2019, through its partners, UNHCR has reached 122,742 individuals with protection services, such as information dissemination and referrals.

Major developments

In 2019, escalating hostilities between the Government of Syria and non-state armed groups are affecting hundreds of thousands of people in north-west Syria. Intense violence that started in the last days of April and is continuing unabated has caused high numbers of casualties, destruction of civilian infrastructure and disruption in the provision of basic services in Idleb. As a result of this most recent offensive, the humanitarian situation is deteriorating. Between May and September, more than 750,000 displacements were tracked: people are being displaced, some multiple times, from southern Idleb and northern Hama and the majority of the displaced are concentrating in northern Idleb, close to the Turkish border, in areas that are now densely-populated.

In the beginning of the year, the situation was aggravated by heavy rains and floods in northern Syria at the end of December and beginning of January, and again in March. Major developments had taken place in north-west Syria already in 2018 and more than 688,000 people were newly displaced within non-state armed group controlled areas.

A Readiness and Response Plan for north-west Syria is still in play and outlines the planned response to the crossborder team in Turkey.