Nearly 7,000 livestock breeders in northwestern Syria receive support from Qatar Charity

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Qatar Charity (QC) implemented a project in northwestern Syria to support livestock breeders by providing feed, veterinary health services, and vaccines and educating them on nutrition and health care of livestock.
The project benefited more than 6,800 livestock breeders by distributing 399 tons of concentrated feed and providing 203,452 doses of vaccine to immunize livestock and paying 3,900 field visits to the breeders through the mobile clinic veterinary health services and treatment.
This vital project contributes to preserving the livestock sector in northern Syria and recovering productive assets. Besides, it enhances the production of milk and meat, which increases the productivity of the local market where livestock products are an essential source for many low-income families. This region has been suffering from displacement and poverty for over eight years.
The livestock sector is the primary source of income for northern Syria and the agricultural industry. This sector affected during the nine years of the Syrian crisis. Most livestock breeders lost their productive assets because of the high prices of feed, vaccines, and veterinary treatment, which forced most of them to sell their livestock to meet their needs.
Qatar Charity has already implemented a qualitative project to enhance food security in northern Syria in partnership with the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) and the World Food Programme (WFP).