Multi-Sector Initial Rapid Assessment: Kobani Crisis Response

from Bahar Organization
Published on 21 Oct 2014

2. Summary of Findings

  • Military situation in Kobani has become worse with ISIS advances towards the town.

  • The situation around the border is tense, and conflict has spilt onto the Turkish side on a number of occasions.

  • Almost the entire civilian population of Kobani region has crossed the border into Turkey.

  • Many of the displaced have moved to other cities (Urfa, Gaziantep, Birecik etc.), though a large population remain in the border-town of Suruc.

  • Needs remain considerable in Suruc, and burden upon host community is increasingly difficult to manage.

  • Local authorities (Suruc/Urfa Health Department, and municipalities of Suruc, Urfa, Diyabekir etc.) are active and contributing significantly to the response.

  • Both the host and displaced communities are experiencing assessment fatigue.

  • Almost the entire displaced population are in need of food assistance.

  • Many displaced families have few possessions and means of support; as winter approaches NFI are becoming increasingly urgent.

  • As yet, there are few interventions focusing on protection, education or more long-term livelihood support.