MSF update on Aleppo and Azaz, Syria (June 13, 2016)

Muskilda Zancada, Head of Mission for Syria at Médecins Sans Frontières says:

“The world is turning a blind eye to the carnage in Aleppo. Hospitals, markets and residential areas are still under fire, and no-one is doing anything to put out the flames.

“In the last week, the doctors we support in Aleppo have reported an upsurge in attacks targeting civilian infrastructure, including affecting hospitals.

“In one incident last week, 15 people died and 20 were injured in attacks on the neighbourhood around the MSF-supported Bayan hospital. The hospital was impacted when strikes hit in front of its door, and the building was damaged in many areas. Patients are among the dead and wounded.

“MSF once again condemns such senseless attacks against civilians a consistent feature in Aleppo, in a war characterised by such brutality.”


  • Aleppo is still under heavy air raids and barrel bombs.

  • On Wednesday June 8th airstrikes in the neighbourhood of the MSF-supported Bayan hospital, included at least one strike right in front of the hospital. In total 15 dead and 20 injuries were reported to have resulted from the strikes in the area.

  • Some of those who died were patients from inside the hospital, but the exact number is not known yet. Some of the wounded, including patients already in the hospital were transferred to other hospitals, many were in a critical condition.

  • The extent of the damages is not fully known yet but so far ER, the operations theatre, the pharmacy, the doctors living quarters, and the X-ray room and a drugs warehouse behind the hospital, have been reported to have been affected.

  • On Friday June 3rd airstrikes in the neighbourhood of the MSF-supported Al Zarzour hospital, hit a building used as a medical warehouse by the hospital, leading to the loss of much needed treatments. The full extent of the losses is still not known.

  • No patients or medical staff were killed, but 4 people were killed and 17 people were injured in the neighbourhood.


  • Frontlines have retreated in parts of Azaz district, but the situation still remains unstable, with more than 100,000 people trapped between active fighting and the closed Turkish border.

  • MSF teams continue to distribute emergency relief items such as blankets, tents, mattresses, reaching more than 2700 people in the first week of June.

  • Following an evacuation on May 27th MSF was able on June 3rd to reopen its Al Salamah hospital for emergency and surgical cases. So far, it has seen 694 patients in its ER, including 114 trauma cases. It has also carried out 18 surgeries.