Monitoring Violence Against Health Care: Summary Report, November 2017

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During November 2017, 19 incidents of violence against health care were reported. Of these, FIve have been verified and 14 others are still being verified (nine of the unverified incidents are in besieged and hard to reach areas). Among the verified attacks, one incident was identified on a specialized surgical hospital in Rural Damascus (Eastern Ghouta). Another on a primary health care center in rural western Aleppo, a third attack resulted in complete destruction of an ambulance system center along with three ambulances parked in the center.

In Idleb, an ambulance exploded near a hospital in Dana city as a result of an IED attack. Another IED planted under an ambulance in Atarb sub district was dismantled before being detonated.

Collectively verified attacks resulted in the killing of at least five people and injuring at least one person, more numbers are being verified.