Monitoring Violence Against Health Care: Summary Report, December 2016

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Generally the number of reported attacks on health care during December 2016 was less compared to last 6 months before that’s due to a cease re has taken place during this month. A total of sixteen incidents were reported. Three were veried and 13 are in the process of verication. Of the veried attacks 3 health care structures and 1 ambulance went temporarily or permanently of service. 1 happened in Aleppo, 1in Idleb and 1 in Rural Damascus governorate.

Aleppo with 1 hospital attacked as well as 1 ambulance. In Idleb a hospital, 1 PHC was attacked in Rural Damascus.

Collectively, the attacks resulted in the killing of at least 3 people, for the rst time no caualties were veried among health workers, and wounding at least 3 others, more numbers are on the process of verication.