Monitoring Violence Against Health Care - February 2018 Summary Report

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During February 2018, 43 incidents of violence against health care in Syria were reported. Of these, 39 have been verified and four are still being verified. Among the verified attacks, 20 incidents were reported on hospitals. 16 on health centers, two on ambulance stations, and one medical warehouse. Three of the health facilities were attacked twice.

In Eastern Ghouta, 28 of the incidents were reported, 14 on hospitals, 11 on health centers, two on ambulance stations and on one medical warehouse. A hospital in Kafr Batna was targeted twice. In Idleb, 10 incidents were reported, of them, five on hospitals and four on health centers.

These include three incidents on one health center in Saraqeb. At another health facility in Saraqeb, a blood bank that was hit in January was targeted for a second time this month. One other attack was reported on a hospital in Hama.

Nine ambulances were damaged in the attacks, seven in Eastern Ghouta and one in Idleb.
Collectively, the verified attacks resulted in the killing of at least 19 people, four of them health workers. The attacks left at least 28 people injured, including seven health workers.