Monitoring cases of malnutrition in eastern Hama and the Red Crescent is responding

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The emaciated bodies, and the ribs that are show behind thin, pale skin... It is no longer news we watch on TV only, but a reality suffered by many children who suffer from malnutrition in their country Syria, which has joined about half a million of its children to a long list of children who suffer from this disease around the world.

Community management for severe malnutrition: A project that seeks to meet the challenges

With every morning, many families face the challenge of securing appropriate food for their children. However, for many of these families, food, such as protein, vitamins and carbohydrates, has become a luxury that they cannot afford. Therefore, monitoring cases of malnutrition among children and pregnant and lactating mothers in Salamiyah and its countryside and following them up until they recover is an important goal for them. The community management project is implemented through the nutrition clinic located in the Salamiyah clinic of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent.

Fruitful field work

Along the city of Salamiyah and its countryside east of Hama, there are many remote villages that the team of the nutrition clinic reaches and conducts nutritional survey to monitor cases of malnutrition and then implement treatment plans for the injured in addition to providing messages about parental breastfeeding, which helps in the healthy and integrated growth of children, as it benefited from These activities are 1,316 children and 587 mothers, through periodic visits and clinic visits.

A solid treatment plan

In addition to monitoring these cases, Syrian Arab Red Crescent volunteers supplement the survey and education operations for mothers by providing therapeutic peanut butter for children as well as vitamins for mothers as a treatment plan for patients for beneficiaries, which is supported by the Canadian Red Cross.