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Lebanon/Syria: UNICEF Situation Report 11 Aug 2006

Situation Report
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Key Statistics - Syria
Total number of refugees staying in Syria Estimated 180.000 (according to MOSAL)
Number of refugees placed in public institutions (schools, centers, camps) 150,000 (according to MOSAL)
Total number of refugees currently in need of assistance i.e staying in facilities such as schools and other centers (% of Children) SARC estimation 20.000 (50%)
UNHCR estimation 75.000

Major Developments

UNICEF and MOSAL agreed on the working mechanism for UNICEF supplies delivery and therefore planned distribution of hygiene kits will resume as of Saturday. This agreement will facilitate UNICEF and its partners' access to accommodating sites as well as an exchange of information on priority needs.

UNICEF Programmatic Response


2 sites were visited by both UNICEF and UNHCR in the Deir Ezzor Governorate yesterday (Pioneers camp and oil club -private hotel). Number in the Pioneers camp is fluctuating between 250-400 (families moving to other locations or sometimes other governorates) while the oil club has 80 refugees, of which over 50% are children. Both were found generally adequate in terms of services and support is still strongly community based. The governorate is overseeing the management of these sites and other parties are supporting including SARC, Women General Union, charity organizations and some community volunteers. A program of recreational activities is being prepared by the Governorate for these sites. However, like many other sites, they arel not appropriate for winter (no infrastructure for heating).


In response to increasing demand for baby milk, UNICEF shared with all UN agencies UNICEF and WHO's clear policy about infant formula as well as health and relief workers' guidelines on breastfeeding promotion.

A meeting with MOH will be held on Sunday 13 for final preparations for the training of health teams which will carry out the nutritional assessment.


Based on the last status of refugees' sites received from OCHA, a visit was organized to four housing sites in urgent need of water at Sabboura/Masaken Al-Askaryeen to assess the water and sanitation services. While the refugees in these sites had been evacuated to another governorate, some of them came back and occupied one of the sites the "Masaken Al-Askaryeen Mashrouneh Basic Education School - stage 2". This was done after approval from MOSAL. Total number of refugees were 53 of 13 are children. Main observations were as follows:

- The visit confirmed the need for water supply as the area receives water 3hrs/day and the site has insufficient water storage. Additionally, sometimes due to low pressure or increased demand of water by inhabitants of the area, the water do not reach the water tanks on the roof, in which case the municipality provides (upon request from the site) water tanker to fill the two tanks.

- While currently acceptable, if the number of refugees increases the sanitation facilities will need to be re-considered.

- Main immediate needs (observed and requested) in terms of WES and other items are for Water storage tanks 2×2 m3, Hygiene supplies, Water coolers and Water heaters, Baby milk, Mattresses, Bed sheets and Pillows.

Contractor started today works needed for the sanitation facilities in the Zabadani camp, rural Damascus. Refugees number is over 3,000 and the estimated cost of operation is 20,000 USD.



Child Protection

SARC attended for the first the inter-agency protection meeting yesterday and expressed interest in the establishment of the child friendly spaces (CFS). UNICEF will coordinate with UNFPA in view of linking these CFS with their youth committees.

A meeting was held yesterday with ACTED (French NGO) to discuss potential partnership in the framework of the CFS.

Inter-Agency Collaboration and Key Partnerships

Monday: health, lead by WHO

Wednesday: food, lead by WFP

Thursday: health, lead by WHO and Education, led by UNICEF



Supply and Logistics

The vaccine shipment is now in MOH's cold room. Their transfer to Lebanon is expected within the next 2 days.




Our colleague Christophe Delaude who transited this morning through Syria has moved into Lebanon.

UNICEF Syria is seeking additional support for procurement services in view of the pre-disposition plan for key relief supplies


Contact with two main local dailies for a full coverage on UNICEF and UN assistance ongoing.

Recreational activities organized by Ministry of Culture with support from UNICEF for one week as of Sunday 13 should be covered by Al Manar TV.