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Latest distribution updates from Yarmouk, 9 April 2015

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Our spokesperson Chris Gunness has the following to say on the situation in Yarmouk Camp

"The violence that began in Yarmouk on April 9th is not just continuing, it has intensified. The world community must not stand by as a silent witness to what the UN Secretary General has warned could be a massacre. Yarmouk is at the lower reaches of hell. It must not be allowed to descend further.

"UNRWA is deeply concerned that the lack of humanitarian access to the civilians inside Yarmouk, and those displaced to the south of Yarmouk, is putting 18,000 Palestinian and Syrian men, women and children at grave risks, as they remain unable to meet their most basic needs of food, water and healthcare needs, in a context of relentless fighting. All diplomatic, economic and religious levers must be pulled to influence the parties on the ground.

"UNRWA continued its operations in Tadamon and provided hygiene kits, baby kits and chlorine tablets to the remaining families who were displaced from Yarmouk on April 4th. A trainer and a student from UNRWA's Damascus Training Centre also volunteered to join the mission to offer haircuts to the displaced children, and help bring a sense of normalcy after over two years of severe hardships and deprivations. UNRWA and its partners stand ready to continue providing humanitarian assistance to civilians inside Yarmouk and to those who may be displaced from Yarmouk as a result of the ongoing armed violence.

"As fighting continues to escalate, UNRWA demands for all armed groups inside Yarmouk respect and comply with their obligations to ensure the protection of civilians. UNRWA further demands the establishment of secure conditions under which the Agency can deliver life-saving humanitarian assistance."