KOFF Newsletter No. 144, March 2016 - Acting for Peace in Syria: Initiatives and Challenges

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250,000 victims, 4.7 million refugees, 6.6 million internally displaced persons, 13.5 million people dependent on humanitarian aid: despite the vast figures and the urgency of the humanitarian situation, a peaceful solution to the Syria conflict does not yet seem to be in the cards. In a context where traditional media give special attention to military interventions, the international dimension of the conflict, and diplomatic negotiations, it is rare to hear about the peace initiatives taken by the local population. However, whether this is through humanitarian actions, mediation work, or development projects, many Syrians are getting involved every day in order to find a sustainable and peaceful solution to the conflict.

This edition aims to not only review the situation in Syria and its impact on neighboring countries, but also to give increased visibility to these local initiatives, the support given to them by Swiss governmental and non governmental organizations, and the challenges they face.