The Killing of 1378 Civilians in February 2016, 382 amongst which were killed by Russian Forces

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382 amongst which were killed by Russian Forces

The Syrian Network for Human Rights issued its monthly report for January, where the network documented the deaths of 1,378 individuals.
The report point out the difficulties the network team come against when documenting the deaths amongst the armed opposition factions due to the fact that the deaths mostly occur during combat not inside the cities, disallowing us to gather details such as; name, image, etc. because of the secrecy of the armed opposition factions or for security reasons or else, therefore what is being documented is much less than the actual number.
The report also confirms that getting information about the deaths amongst government forces or ISIS group is nearly impossible, and the margin of error is quite high in documenting these deaths due to the lack of methodology in documenting such incidents, as it is the network view that these statistics issued by some parties are fictitious as they lack real data.
As a result the report only mentioned the civilian victims killed by all the parties and set comparisons.
The report presented the victims death toll for February 2016, where government forces and pro-government militias killed 651 civilians including 182 children (7 children are killed every day), 110 women, and 31 victims under torture.
The report also mentioned that 45% of the civilian victims are women and children, which indicates that government forces are deliberately targeting civilians.
The report said that suspected Russian forces killed 382 civilians including 21 children and 63 women.
The report also documented the death of 9 civilians including 3 children on the hands of the Kurdish Self-management forces.
The report mentioned that 208 civilians killed by extreme Islamic groups, as ISIS killed 207 civilians including 28 children and 51 women, while An Nussra Front killed a civilian under torture.
The report also present statistics regarding victims killed by armed opposition factions, which shows that 84 civilians has been killed including 21 children and 18 women.
The report include the documentation of the death of 42 civilians including 13 children and 7 women either in migrant boat drowning incident or in explosion incidents that the network couldn’t confirm the perpetrators identity, or by armed groups unknown to the network.
The report documented the death of 2 individuals one of them is a child on the hands of the International Coalition forces.
The report stressed that the government forces and “Shabeiha” violated the International Law for Human Rights that protect the right to live.
There is also dozens of incidents that have all the elements of war crimes regarding killing, also the facts and evidences from hundreds of eyewitnesses show that 90% of the widespread and individual attacks were perpetrated against civilians or civilian objects.
The extremist groups also perpetrated several extrajudicial killings which are considered a war crime.
The report also mentioned that some of the armed opposition factions have committed extrajudicial killings that mount to war crimes, and the Kurdish Democratic Union Party forces also committed war crimes by perpetrating extrajudicial killings.
The report asked the Security Council and the International Institutions to shoulder its responsibilities regarding the continuous killings that don’t stop not for one hour, and to pressure the Syrian government to stop the arbitrary and random bombardment against civilians.
The report also holds the allies and supporters of the Syrian government –Russia, Iran, and China- the moral and material responsibility of the killings in Syria.