ISHA Technology-based Learning Assessment: Fact Sheet [EN/AR]

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The ISHA Technology-based Learning Assessment was conducted by in collaboration with the Orange Capacity Building Organization (Orange) through Key Informant Interviews (KIIs), Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) and an online survey in both Arabic and English from 22 May through 17 June 2016. The assessment’s main objective was to gather information to get a deeper insight into the learning landscape and the needs of aid workers in Syria. The assessment findings are being used to create a demand-driven design and delivery format for the ISHA Technology-based Learning Program.

636 participants competed the online survey which was designed for humanitarians, frontline staff and volunteers that deliver assistance at the community level inside Syria which represent the target audience for the ISHA online learning program.

115 people working for organizations with staff members or partners operating inside Syria participated in the 18 KIIs and 13 FGDs. Participants included a range of professionals from international non-governmental organizations, local non-governmental organizations and UN Agencies with remote teams in Syria as well as regional capacity building teams and firms based out of Jordan and Lebanon, Turkey and Syria.