IOM Regional Response to the Syria Crisis (June 2018)

from International Organization for Migration
Published on 30 Jun 2018



Government of Syria-led offensives on opposition-held southern Syria in June led to large scale displacements. An estimated 150,000 individuals have been displaced by escalating hostilities in south-west Syria, with the majority displaced within eastern Dara’a Governorate to areas near the border with Jordan. In the northwest, the first half of June witnessed an escalation of aerial bombardments focused on central Idleb governorate, following a renewed wave of attacks by armed opposition. In parallel, Daret Azza, in western Aleppo governorate, witnessed heavy aerial bombardments for the first time since late 2017.

As of late June, the UN estimates that there are over 1.5 million people in need in hard-to-reach areas, including more than 8,000 people in besieged locations in Idleb. While this is a significant decrease in the number of people living in besieged areas since February, following the besiegement of eastern Ghouta, it still represents a significant number of people in need of lifesaving humanitarian assistance.

CCCM: On 5 June, IOM and Syrian partners completed the expansion of a reception centre in Aleppo Governorate to increase the capacity of hosting IDPs by an additional 480 individuals. The works included set up of reception tents (with concrete bases), construction of additional WASH facilities (e.g. latrines, shower, and water points), installation of solar lighting, fencing for the expanded areas, and provision of NFIs (i.e. mattresses, blankets). The expansion of two more reception centres is planned in July and August, aiming to host an additional 800 IDPs.

NFI Distributions: IOM supported the distribution of over 600 NFI Kits to assist more than 3,000 vulnerable IDPs and 500 soaps to 351 individuals in different locations. IOM continues to manage the NFI Cluster’s contingency stock.

Logistical Support to Humanitarian Partners: In June, IOM’s programme assisted over 1 million indirect beneficiaries through the provision of logistical support to humanitarian partners. A total of seven convoys comprising of 119 trucks were organised in the South of Syria carrying vital goods like food rations, medical supplies, educational materials and NFIs. Due to the recent escalation in South Syria starting on 18 June 2018, convoy movements faced challenges and delays given the security concerns and intensified conflict in the area.

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