Syria + 4 more

IOM Regional Response to the Syria Crisis - 28 March 2013



 Syria: On 20 March, IOM and the Ministry of Local Administration (MOLA) carried out a joint technical assessment for the emergency rehabilitation of a collective shelter in Dahiyet Qudsaya.

 Jordan: In the past week, IOM facilitated the transportation of 8,363 Syrian refugees. Since July 2012, IOM has provided transport assis-tance to 229,657 Syrian refugees.

 Lebanon: On 27-28 March, IOM distributed 612 winter kits and 468 shelter support items to 90 Lebanese returnee families (450 individu-als).

 Iraq: Between 19-25 March, IOM conducted a rapid needs assess-ment of 10 Syrian families currently living in Karbala city.

 Turkey: From 22 to 26 March, 12 stranded migrants from Ethiopia (1), Belarus (4) and Moldova (7) completed rapid screening, registra-tion and fitness-to-travel checks and were assisted for repatriation back to their countries of origin.