iMMAP Releases Animal Feed and Fodder Facility Mapping Study For Northwest Syria

News and Press Release
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Funded by USAID, iMMAP's Information Management Resource Center project conducted a mapping study of animal feed and fodder facilities across northwest Syria. The study took place during the first quarter of 2021.

In partnership with the Whole of Syria Food Security Sector, the study was initiated to unearth insights and develop a more comprehensive understanding of the animal feed and fodder manufacturing market in the region. The study highlights the overall functionality and capacity of animal feed and fodder facilities, and current practices and challenges of primary business actors involved within the value chain. A total of 171 animal feed market actors were interviewed.

The study also provides recommendations for engaged humanitarian partners to increase the effectiveness of their endeavors in support of the animal feed and fodder value chain. Through this initiative, several key findings were uncovered:

  • 37% of interviewed manufacturers were operating at full capacity.

  • 56% of interviewed traders revealed their relatively fresh entrance into the field (1 to 10 years experience).

  • All mapped businesses involved in the supply of animal feed are privately owned or managed.

  • Over 16% of interviewed manufacturers reported a need for minor rehabilitation.

  • Manufacturers involved in cow-milking reported the highest average monthly production rate of 217 metric tons per month.

Download the full report through this link on iMMAP's official website.