Humanitarian Update Syrian Arab Republic - Issue 1 | June 2022



P.01-SHF 1st standard allocation launched

P.02-Access severity developments

P.03-Fifth cross-line convoy to North-West Syria

P.04-Wheat, barley harvest begins; wheat delivery ongoing

P.05-Alouk station

P.06-Inter-agency missions South, NES and Aleppo

SHF 1st Standard Allocation Launched

On 29 June, the Syria Humanitarian Fund (SHF) launched its first Standard Allocation. A total of $30 million is allocated in support to multi-sectoral response to the deteriorating nutrition situation and strengthening the resilience of vulnerable people in areas with high severity needs and poor response reach. Following the Humanitarian Financing Unit (HFU) screening, the submitted projects will be reviewed by the technical committees beginning on 28 July. The Strategic and Technical Review Committees are composed of sector coordinators, sector technical experts from the UN, INGOs, NNGOs, in addition to OCHA HFU and Coordination Units. It is expected the review process will conclude by mid-August.

Publication of SHF 2021 Annual Report

The 2021 strategic vision of the Fund was developed at the beginning of the year in consultation with the Humanitarian Coordinator and the SHF Advisory Board. Considering the large increase in humanitarian needs over the last year, the changing operating context, and critical underfunding of the response in Syria, the strategy included the following priorities: Address top and new priorities; Allocate funding to avoid disruption of critical services; Expand delivery of assistance; Promote localization; Promote centrality of protection; Strengthen resilience of affected communities; and Improve the relevance and coherence of the humanitarian response.


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