Humanitarian Situation Overview in Syria (HSOS): Sub-district Factsheets - Idleb Governorate, Jisr-Ash-Shugur District, April 2018

from REACH Initiative
Published on 30 Apr 2018 View Original


This multi-sectoral needs assessment is part of a monthly data collection exercise which aims to gather information about needs and the humanitarian situation inside Syria. The factsheets present information collected in May 2018, referring to the situation in April 2018.

These factsheets present information at the community level for four sub-districts in Jisr-Ash-Shugur district in Idleb governorate. Selected key indicators for the following sectors are included in the factsheets: displacement, shelter, non-food items (NFIs), health, food security, water sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and education. The factsheets do not cover the entire range of indicators gathered in the questionnaire.

For full visualisation of all indicators collected, please see the SIMAWG Needs Identification Dynamic Reporting Tool, available here:

Methodology and limitations

These findings are based on data collected directly (in Turkey) from Key Informants (Kis) residing in the communities assessed.

Information was collected from Kls in 25 communities in 4 sub districts in Jisr-Ash-Shugur district of Idleb governorate. For each question asked, confidence levels were assigned based on the Kls area of expertise and knowledge of the sector-specific situation.

For a full description of the methodology, please see the Terms of Reference, available on the REACH Resource Centre.