Humanitarian Situation Overview in Syria (HSOS): Northeast Syria, March 2019

from REACH Initiative
Published on 16 May 2019 View Original


HSOS is a monthly assessment that aims to provide comprehensive, multi-sectoral information about the humanitarian situation inside Syria. The assessment is conducted at the community level covering displacement, food security and livelihoods (FSL), education, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), health, and shelter and non-food items (SNFI).

The factsheet presents information gathered in 603 communities across AlHasakeh (196 communities), eastern Aleppo* (61 communities), Deir-ez-Zor (158 communities), and Ar-Raqqa (188 communities) governorates. Data was collected during the month of April 2019, and refers to the situation in the northeast region in March 2019. Findings are indicative rather than representative, and should not be generalised across the region.

Community-level datasets are available on REACH Resource Centre, the Humanitarian Data Exchange.

*The eastern part of Aleppo where humanitarian response and coordination is conducted from the northeast rather than the northwest.