Humanitarian Situation Overview in Syria (HSOS): Al-Hasakeh City, Spring 2022



The HSOS Urban Household Assessment is a quarterly review of the humanitarian situation inside cities in Northeast Syria (NES). The assessment collects multi-sectoral information from host community households and internally displaced households in urban locations. This factsheet presents findings on the access to services, living conditions, economic conditions, and priority needs across accessible areas in Al-Hasakeh city.

With a significant proportion of the response that targets out of camp and host communities in NES located in urban areas,2 the assessment addresses the need for comprehensive and regular information on the humanitarian conditions in cities where the impact of an increasingly complex crisis has hit hundreds of thousands.

Sustained economic deterioration and climate shocks resulting in unstable markets and worsening food and water access compound the pre-existing vulnerabilities of urban populations who face persistent insecurity, damaged infrastructure, and complex population dynamics.

To support sustainable interventions, the assessment aims to integrate a durable solutions lens by (1) providing representative data on household behaviours and perceptions of both host community and internally displaced persons (IDPs); and (2) by drawing indicators from the Syria Analytical Framework.

The HSOS Urban Household Assessment is conducted in cooperation with the NES Forum.
The complete multi-sectoral descriptive analysis can be accessed on the REACH Resource Centre.