Humanitarian Needs Assessment Programme (HNAP) I Syria: Returnee Report Series 2020 - Disability Prevalence and Impact

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In December 2020, HNAP conducted a nationwide socioeconomic household survey across all 14 governorates in Syria, surveying returnee households. Fieldwork was carried out by experienced HNAP field teams who were trained on coded surveys by data collection experts.

The survey collected data which is representative at the country, governorate and sub-district level, as well as according to the regional division- i.e. central and south Syria (CSS), north Syria (NS), north-west Syria (NWS) and north-east Syria (NES).1 The sample frame was sourced from the list of (p-code) locations, updated by OCHA in August 2020.2 Population figures were obtained from HNAP’s Monthly Needs Monitoring population baseline, updated in November 2020- that is, 347,032 returnees (or 69,411 households), living in 139 sub-districts. A stratified sample of 5,643 households was selected to be interviewed, with a 95% confidence interval and a 10% margin of error. The sample was then allocated proportionally among the sub-district locations, with a minimum of two households per location.
Locations with minimal returnee households were excluded from the sampling.

Weights were calculated with reference to the population estimates at sub-district level and were computed as the inverse of the probability of inclusion of each household.

These weights were then adjusted in order to reproduce the exact population of returnee households living in each sub-district. Weights were computed considering an average household size of 5 members.

Data in the report are weighted population estimates, i.e. they represent the reference population, not the sample population. Figures on absent members rely on the recall of the interviewed households, and as such may not include entire population who left Syria.

To better inform humanitarian partners based on regions of operation, HNAP refers to the following regions of Syria: central and south Syria (CSS); north Syria (NS); northwest Syria (NWS); north-east Syria (NES). The boundaries, areas, and names shown and the designations used in this report do not imply official endorsement or acceptance.

Reference is made to these designations as HNAP revised regional boundaries to better account for the comparative similarity of conditions and access to services within each designated area, as well as the sampling methodology employed during data collection. A complete methodology is available upon request.