Humanitarian Bulletin Syria Issue 48 | 22 May – 18 June 2014

from UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Published on 18 Jun 2014


• Poor water, sanitation and hygiene systems, compounded by lack of safe water supply and reduced health response capacity, cause high risk of outbreak of water- and food- borne diseases during the summer.

• Threeoutofeveryfour Syrians live in poverty, while more than half of the population is extremely poor.

• Implementationofnew logistics procedures from the Government of Syria has constrained delivery of the humanitarian response during May and June.

• Life-saving interventions prioritized by humanitarian actors operational inside Syria cost US$ 948 million.


$ 2.3 billion requested (US$) for humanitarian assistance inside Syria

25% funded

$ 4.2 billion requested (US$) for the Regional Refugee Response Plan

27% funded

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